The Widget Factory 0.2

Were you heavily dissapointed by the lack of on-the-fly theme switching? Couldn’t stand the fact that the progressbars didn’t animate when dragging those sliders? Or simply despised the lack of tab widgets on all four sides?

Well I’ve got news for you! The Widget Factory 0.2 does all that!

So, without further adieu, I present: the download link!

Oh, and a little screenshot too:
The Widget Factory 0.2

16 Responses to “The Widget Factory 0.2”

  1. alejo Says:

    Great!!! I like clearlooks very much!!! great job and thank u

    did you see this link???

  2. Andy Fitzsimon Says:

    i’m very keen on finding out what clearlooks theme modification that is.
    its doing great justice to your app. …mmmm clearlooks

  3. Andy Fitzsimon Says:

    oh ignore that. I just read your other posts lol

  4. Antonio Ognio Says:

    As you can see here [1] I’m one of the persons helping with GIMPing heads for all the subscribers to Planet GNOME. I’d love to help making a hackergotchi for you. Just drop me a mail with a photo attached to it or point me to some online gallery where I can grab it. Cheers, Antonio.


  5. Antonio Ognio Says:

    Oh! BTW where can I get that metacity theme too?

  6. john Says:

    very cool theme. But what font is used in the screenshot?

  7. Richard Stellingwerff Says:

    Atonio Ognio:
    Sorry, I’m not using Metacity but XFWM :)
    The theme I use is something I quickly hacked up after getting “legal threats” from the Opus author for using an XFWM theme that was modelled after Opus. I didn’t release this XFWM theme to the public and I’m currently not planning to port it to Metacity.

    It’s Trebuchet MS, part of MS Core Fonts (

  8. ghaefb Says:

    Thanks for the neat app, it’s very usefull.

    When will clearlooks-cairo theme be ready ?
    Can we download a preview/cvs version or something ?

  9. ghaefb Says:

    Never mind… found it in clearlooks CVS

  10. Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen Says:

    Where do I find documentation on gtk theme engines? - Been poking around but haven’t been able to find any :-(

    How did you get started in the first place Richard?

    Great work btw!

  11. Richard Stellingwerff Says:

    How did I get started… Well, after having used Bluecurve for quite some time, it started to grow old on me. So after creating some mockups, I downloaded the Bluecurve source code and started looking at the code. Now I don’t completely remember what I changed first, or how I knew what to look for, but I probably just searched for some keywords (like “button”) and studied the code.

    Luckily, the code is not that difficult to understand. I suggest that you look at the source code of Clearlooks cairo, to get an idea.
    The latest code is at .

    First look at clearlooks_style.c. This is where GTK+ tells the engine to draw things. clearlooks_draw.c performs the actual drawing.

    As for documentation. I recommend that you install ‘devhelp’ ( It allows you to browse trough the GTK+ documentation, which is very useful.

    If you need help, then there’s always #gnome-art and #theme-hackers on GIMPnet.

  12. bvc Says:

    Looking great Richard! Keep it up!

  13. Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen Says:

    Thanks a million Richard! I’ve already been poking around… Seems like it’s a little like writing a Gnome-VFS module, just different :-D


  14. Kenneth Christiansen Says:

    So when do you update your blog and give us a status update ? :)

  15. Scott Says:

    Is this source code, an install package or both? I was hoping it was source as I’d like to build an Debian (Ubuntu) package from it.

  16. Craig Says:

    Hm, dunno why, but I debianized it for AMD64 and it segfaults:

    Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0×00002aaaac8acfa0 in strlen () from /lib/