A little Clearlooks-cairo update

I’ve had quite some requests to port Clearlooks to Qt/KDE, and the idea has been playing in my head for a while now.

Since porting the original Clearlooks to KDE is a very time consuming process, I decided to design the cairo version in such a way that makes it as independent from GTK+ as possible. The result is that, when Qt support cairo (if ever), porting Clearlooks to Qt/KDE will be pretty straightforward.

In the process of disconnecting the drawing code from GTK+, I learned that I have been displaying disabled toggled toggle buttons wrong all the time. So even if the button is toggled, I’d still display it as if it wasn’t. Clearlooks-cairo displays it properly though.
New buttons!

I’m also surprised at the cleanness of the drawing code. I can imagine that anyone that has worked with cairo a bit will be able to pick it up immediately. But even if you have no experience with the cairo API, it will still be pretty easy to understand. And that’s worth something, in my opinion :)

10 Responses to “A little Clearlooks-cairo update”

  1. Jeroen Says:

    Don’t know if this is intentional, but the disabled GtkSpinButton is positioned below the enabled GtkSpinButton. Is that a result of the way it’s layed out?

  2. Jakub Steiner Says:

    Amazing stuff Richard. Can’t wait to lay my hands on this.

  3. Andreas Nilsson Says:

    Hey man!
    You rule.

  4. MDK Says:

    Nice. Keep up the good work.
    BTW I’m giving my +1 to removing the striped progress bar… or just an option to disable it…

  5. Andreas Nilsson Says:

    I give my +1 to keep the progress bar (but make it subtle like it is in 0.6) It kinds of gives me the effect that my files gets copied really fast. I know it’s not the case in reality, but it feels like that.

  6. Antonio Says:

    Great work!!
    I’m giving my +1 for keeping / reverting back to a window title bar as before, i.e. without the fancy dots and with rounded edges…

  7. FreqMod Says:

    Porting clearlooks from cairo to kde 3 / qt 3 is a bit of duplicate work. Qt 4 and Cairo supports gradients etc. required nativly . In Qt3 the gradients etc. has to be generated manually.

  8. Garrett LeSage Says:

    Wow; great work Richard! Thanks for working so hard on Clearlooks.

  9. Mirco "MacSlow" Müller Says:

    Very stylish work going on here! Terrific! Someone on #clearlooks just showed my a few wip-mockups… and I just love this one http://stellingwerff.com/mockups/buttons2.png great button-style especially the dark-grey-ish color-theme. Pleeeeease make such a darker theme one of the shipping defaults for Clearlooks-cairo. That would be awesome!

    Thumbs up for the progress sofar!

    Best regards…


  10. Michael Dominic Says:

    “Just make it look pro and important…”

    A short review of Positron + cairo announcment.