The Widget Factory

I’ve been working on writing a new theme preview application. It’s basically a huge window with most common widgets on it.

Since everybody loves screenshots:
The Widget Factory Screenshot

And for those that like code too: The Widget Factory 0.1

11 Responses to “The Widget Factory”

  1. Michele Says:

    Hi Richard,

    Just discovered your blog, Great!

    Keep us informed about clearlooks and blackrock. :-)


  2. Ross Harvey Says:

    This is a complete rip of Codename: Opus. The fact you ripped this theme also leads me to believe ClearLooks was indeed based off Opus OS. Many Gnome users have contacted me saying it reminds them of my theme.

    Do you not realise you are breaking copyright? I will be sending a formal email to yourself and Daniel Borgmann.

    Just for your reference:

    Ross Harvey

  3. Steven Garrity Says:

    Ross: The Clearlooks theme does not include the window theme in these screenshots. That is probably a port of the Opus theme to metacity.

  4. dikatlon Says:

    NIce that you did bring the sourcecode also, nice work really!
    This is something fun to play with.

  5. Felix Says:

    You do really good work.

    In the last days I thought about programming a Tool where you can change widget colors, scrollbar size etc. graphical. I think this is a big problem of the Gnome desktop that you’re not able to change Desktop colors etc. Ok some argue that most people do not want to adjust that but a little more comfortable editing would be a good thing.

    I do not get the point why average user has to install a whole new theme if he does not likes the Clearlooks blue but wants it red or yellow!? And if he doesn’t like the Clearlooks olive green but wants it a little bit greener. What has he to do - edit gtkrc by hand that is not user friendly.

    But before I start this project I have to refresh my Python programming which is not very good ;)

  6. Alexandre Prokoudine Says:


    I don’t see anything in common with your Opus (which looks nice indeed).

  7. aneglus Says:

    HOWTO compile, install and run:

    as root: make install

    run it with by typing twf

  8. aneglus Says:

    I missed to say that you make pretty good work :D

  9. aneglus Says:

    Sorry for flooding but could some one add a a menu to load an other GTK theme than the global theme ?

  10. Richard Stellingwerff Says:

    Good idea aneglus, I’ll try to implement it for TWF 0.2.

  11. Antonio Ognio Says:

    Oh! I want that metacity theme. Please give us some pointers :)