Please type ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

I recently discovered a really nice feature where trying to connect to a new server using ssh/scp will display a GTK+ popup, asking you to confirm the identity if there’s no stdin (for example, when running ssh/scp as part of a custom command in MonoDevelop).

Features like these make me really happy, because it means that someone actually thought this through. So I answered the question (only 2 answers are valid), and couldn’t help but smile at what I saw.
SSH secret answer

No one will ever guess which answer I picked!

8 Responses to “Please type ‘yes’ or ‘no’:”

  1. Aubrey Island Says:

    Haha! Excellent post!

  2. Jaime Says:


  3. ulrik Says:

    that UI would probably be better with buttons Cancel and Connect, and a checkbox “This is a known host” or “Authorize connecting to host”, where the checkbox would make the Connect button enabled.

  4. Tayfun Says:

    i think u said “noo” which means “really no” :)

  5. Runa Says:

    hehe, nice :)

  6. Anders Feder Says:

    Actually, wouldn’t most prompts like that process “nnn” (or “noo”, as Tayfun suggested, for that matter) as an valid answer (i.e. first letter in the string determines the result)? If you don’t feel like submitting a patch, call it a feature!

  7. Simon Says:

    Ulrik - probably, but it’s not a very sophisticated UI. It’s just something that notices that ssh is asking for input, assumes it to be a password prompt, and displays an appropriate dialog.

    Anders - not in this case. SSH requires the strings “yes” or “no”, it won’t accept abbreviations.

  8. Remmrit Bookmarking Says:

    Scp Bookmarks… user has just tagged your post as scp!…

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